Our mission is to leverage fitness as a vehicle to help men improve their well being well being through personal growth, confidence. strength, self esteem and knowledgeZenity

Zenity Fitness targets the areas of the body that are the most functional during intimacy: the hips, buttocks, thighs and lower abdomen, leading to noticeable and immediate increases in stamina, strength and sculpting of the underlying muscles.

The secret is in the three pelvic core movements performed at different rhythm frequencies to sculpt different muscle groups. During the sculpting process the mind records each movement turning the exercise sequence into muscle memory.

Muscle memory is an internal action that helps our bodies to perform actions seamlessly and with precision. Zenity uses this concept normally used to train elite athletes to instead train elite lovers. Each Zenity man learns the same moves but interprets them differently as each movement adheres to his specific attributes and molds to his style.

Strokes + stamina + control + strength + their usage = total confidence

When combined with a thorough understanding of the female anatomy, enduring cardiovascular process and a strong core accurate with these movements, a transformation occurs. One becomes an artist, a specialist.

Zenity Men takes time out of our busy lives to focus on our sensuality – on feeling powerful as men. We get to KNOW we have immense value as men. When we are grounded in our abilities, when we know we possess skills that are unique and powerful we will see more success and abundance across our lives from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Training Options

Unpack a comprehensive set of audio-visual learning tools that will guide you step by step through Zenity’s body training. rhythm building and strategic pleasure creation.
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A trainer examines your unique body type and develops a unique routine of strokes that mesh well with your attributes and individual style. Try one of our PT boot camps
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Feel more comfortable when learning in the company of others, its normal. Bring some bros along or join a group and trade notes as you add extra skills.
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