If the group class thing isnt’t for you and you really want more personal attention to your Zenity Workout. There is a one on one option that should be a good fit for you. Meeting a trainer at a studio setting, a home or predetermined location gives you the flexibility to ask questions and also to work on elements of your style that you may want to keep private.

The time you spend is flexible, as is the topics that you discuss.

There may be a specific rhythm concept that has been giving you a hard time your PT can ensure you get it down packed. Perhaps strength is your main focus and you want to understand how you can deliver more of it through your unique bodytype.

Maybe its a key move that you want to perfect and you need a few pointers to pull it off the way that you want to. It could be an overview or refresher of a strategy or process that doesn’t quite make sense. It is your show, you can do what you want.

However if you are looking for more structure and we have an instruction process that includes working on developing hip endurance, breathing, rhythm training, sexual geometry, position transitions and the development of your own unique style.

Fatloss in abdomen, thighs, buttocks
Stamina Enhancement
coordination and balance
Preparing the body for an event, like valentines day a marriage, honeymoon or anniversary
Opening the hips, flexibility and mobility and preventing hip health issues
Minimizing lower back pain
Abdominal Chiseling
Stroke Strategy Implementation
STROKE Rhythm Development